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Cry Havoc

Cry Havoc is the first book in the sci-fi series A Saga of Dogs of War-A Story of Mercenaries

May 20th 2115. The Earth just embarked on the first one-world government. But within 25 years the corruption and manipulation of the government by six large multinational corporations had become insurmountable. These corporations grew so large that they either directly or indirectly employed over half of the world’s population. The influence over the employees and the world government brought about what would best be described as a silent coup. The world government became subservient to the six corporations which lead to the dissolving of the government in 2166. A government by and for the people was gone. The Corporation was your God and your King.

With no government the only restrictions or regulations placed on the Corporations were those each corporation imposed on itself. Corporations while at the time seemed very benevolent were not by any means. An Orwellian state was in full force.  Within a few years with the establishment of the Corporate Governance. Big brother was everywhere. The “Big Six” as they became to be known, unknowingly set into motion the start of a cataclysmic event of Biblical proportion.

Corporate disputes among the Big Six over the years escalated into small deadly conflicts. Such conflicts broke out over market share, the ability to move goods across another’s territory and other small meaningless life complications, all of which were taking its tow. Ignoring climate change and the environment plunged the Earth into unending earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and the ensuing Tsunamis. The end of the earth had begun.

The Big Six all had their beginnings in the military industrial complex.  As they grew their tentacles spread to every possible product or service including space explorations. As the cataclysmic activity increased. The Big Six started to look for a new place to call home, MA

The GRiM Clan

The GRiM Clan is the second book in the sci-fi series A Saga of Dogs of War-A Story of Mercenaries.

In late 2236, the Expeditionary Force of the Dogs of War (DOW) Clan was ordered to claim all the land of Australia for the XTECH Corporation. After many large battles with the other Big Six Corporations that wanted the territory for themselves, DOW and XTECH were finally victorious. Now with all the other Corporations no longer contesting the claim of XTECH, Alice Springs Colony (ASC) was created. But XTECH was not going to be satisfied for just the continent of Australia. Their sights now were turning to what was known as South Asia, India and China, they were next on the list of to-dos of XTECH’s CEO Yosi Nagoochi and the new Territorial Governor Reggie Malone.

With XTECH’s need to continue their expansion on Earth the security of ASC was still in doubt. XTECH needed a Protective Force (PF) to keep the mining sites and the people of ASC secure from Mercenary Raiding Parties and the possibility of other Corporations trying to move in once DOW Hangar Ships had moved off of ASC.

Inside DOW, dissention was brewing. Some members of the Clan were not happy with their new mission to claim more Earth territory. They were growing weary of spending months on end in Hangar Ships. They wanted to settle down and put down some roots. When they learned of the need for a PF for ASC, members of the DOW Clan spilt from their old Clan to form The GRiM Clan. Follow Stone, Zhivago and the rest of the Clan in their adventures, discoveries and challenges that they faced as they fight to keep ASC out of the hands of their enemies to include large walking FISH.

The Vendetta Against Vendetta

The Vendetta Against Vendetta is the third book in the sci-fi series, A Saga of Dogs of War-A Story of Mercenaries.

Vendetta had been able to remain elusive to Stone. They both were cut from the same cloth. Both Walking Pilots and like all Walking pilots had tendencies toward arrogance with a high degree of confidence in their abilities. Stone did not like being bested by any one especially Vendetta, but Vendetta had done just that with three raids on mining sites that resulted in over twelve metric tons of gold ore being taken. Stone was however able to get the upper hand in their last encounter. Stone had finally gotten a win, but he was not savoring it.

Vendetta’s reign of terror continued until he made the one fatal mistake that arrogance and pride always lead to. When that mistake was discovered by Stone and Zhivago, they enlisted the help of XTECH’s new CEO Madeline Nagoochi, who succeeded her husband after Vendetta’s terrorist attack killed her husband Yosi.

What mistake did Vendetta make? How did Stone, Zhivago and XTECH’s new CEO Madeline carryout their vendetta against Vendetta? Find all the answers in The Vendetta Against Vendetta.

One’s Evil Desire

One’s Evil Desire is the fourth book in the sci-fi series, A Saga of Dogs of War-A Story of Mercenaries.

XTECH and The Corporate Alliance collaborated to create The Earth Space Alliance to start the exploration of space outside of the Earth’s Solar System. But others were not happy with the alliance between XTECH and The Corporate Alliance. With only two of the original Big Six Corporations still unaligned, one’s evil desire conceived a plot to take over the remaining two unaligned corporations. After years of plotting and planning, surgeries, and the implantation of a voice synthesizer the doppelganger was ready to infiltrate the SME Corporation with the killing of its CEO. Stone and Zhivago soon caught wind of the plot. While Stone and Zhivago were trying to reveal the doppelganger plot, The Earth Space Alliance built their first Starship to explore beyond Earth’s Solar System. As they sped towards the outer limits of the System at the speed of light, they were confronted by Senior Emanuel’s Starship from the Confederation of Planets. Will Stone and Zhivago be successful in their efforts to reveal the doppelganger? Will the Confederation of Planets be a friend or a foe?

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