Isn’t that the Same Tree?

My Father told me a story that I wanted to tell my followers about. I think it relates to life in general and how we approach it. My Father and my Great Grandfather had a passion for hunting. In the late 30″s early 40’s they would go on their hunting walks almost nightly. One nightContinue reading “Isn’t that the Same Tree?”

Salt and the Hunters

A group of Elk hunters would go together and rent a cabin for the hunting. Each season the cooking responsibilities moved from on hunter to the next. The one rule was that if you complained about the cooking you would then be the cook for the rest of that season and when it was yourContinue reading “Salt and the Hunters”

Once, Twice Thrice

An old man and his new wife, after their wedding ceremony headed home in a single mule cart. After a few miles the mule sat down in the middle of the dirt road. The old man simply said, “That’s ONCE.” A few minutes later the mule rose and started down the road once again. ButContinue reading “Once, Twice Thrice”

A Boy and the Filberts

A Boy was given permission to put his hand into a pitcher to get some filberts. But he took such a great fistful that he could not draw his hand out again. There he stood, unwilling to give up a single filbert and yet unable to get them all out at once. Vexed and disappointedContinue reading “A Boy and the Filberts”

One’s Evil Desire

One’s Evil Desire THE FOURTH BOOK IN THE SCI-FI SERIES: A SAGA OF DOGS OF WAR-A STORY OF MERCENARIES. XTECH and The Corporate Alliance collaborated to create The Earth Space Alliance to start the exploration of space outside of the Earth’s Solar System. But others were not happy with the alliance between XTECH and TheContinue reading “One’s Evil Desire”

Life Lesson # 12

Library of Congress an Aesop Fable The Ass in the Lion’s Skin An Ass found a Lion’s skin left in the forest by a hunter. He dressed himself in it, and amused himself by hiding in a thicket and rushing out suddenly at the animals who passed that way. All took to their heels theContinue reading “Life Lesson # 12”

Twelve Minus One Equals Two.

My wife Shelia and I had known each other since we were in the fourth grade. We started dating when we were juniors in high school. As we entered into our senior year my Father was offered a job in Florida which he accepted. I of course wanted to be with my family, but itContinue reading “Twelve Minus One Equals Two.”

How I use my Combat Experience in writing my Science Fiction Books

I use my combat experiences and my passion for SCI-FI in writing my books for one reason. My combat experiences are a real and very personal experience that only a a few have. My passion for sci-fi allows me the venue to relate those real experiences while keeping them in the realm of fiction. IContinue reading “How I use my Combat Experience in writing my Science Fiction Books”