I’m OK, You’re Not OK!

What is anger? Is It an emotion or an uncontrolled response to a situation you can see coming from a mile away? When I was studying management in college, just after the stone age, we studied emotional responses to internal and external influences. These would manifest itself in what they described as I’m OK YourContinue reading “I’m OK, You’re Not OK!”

Excerpts from Cry Havoc Chapter 4

After the Commanders left the ready room, Futu headed to the Bridge. As Futu entered, “Sit Rep, Bridge.”  “Sir, we were about to call you.” said Bridge.        “Is something wrong?” Bridge at the long-range scanner motioned Futu over, “Sir, the scanners show not one but three Hangar Ships.       “What?”       “Yes, sir. ThreeContinue reading “Excerpts from Cry Havoc Chapter 4”

The next Plane of Knowledge

I have been told there are four planes of knowledge. The first plane of knowledge is you don’t know what you don’t know. Some would refer to this first plane as a state of bliss. King Solomon referred to ignorance as bliss. Here there is no responsibility, no lamenting over misdeeds either done to youContinue reading “The next Plane of Knowledge”

Life nd the Light Bulb

A light blub is a good analogy of how you may view life. Each blub has a life expectancy, no matter if it is for 100 hours or seven years. Our expectations and actions also have a life expectancy and reflects the way we view life at different times in our lives. The bulb lastingContinue reading “Life nd the Light Bulb”

Cry Havoc Excerpts from Chapter 3

“Dispatch, is Stimpy there?” “No, sir. I can call him.” “No, I’ll get with him later.” “Pound 1, can you give me a sit-rep every 30 minutes?” No response. Dispatch called again, “Acknowledge Pound 1.” No response. Dispatch called again, “Pound 1. Did you copy last transmission?” The silence was becoming a grave concern toContinue reading “Cry Havoc Excerpts from Chapter 3”

La Muerte

Death like taxes is unavoidable, but unlike taxes, people fear death. They try everything imaginable to keep death at bay, but when it comes for them, their loved ones are surprised by their sudden departure. Death is inevitable. Prepare for death and embrace it as another chapter in the journey of life. Don’t make yourContinue reading “La Muerte”

PRIDE, an Aesop Fable

The Fighting Cocks & the Eagle Once there were two Cocks living in the same farmyard who could not bear the sight of each other. At last one day they flew up to fight it out, beak and claw. They fought until one of them was beaten and crawled off to a corner to hide.Continue reading “PRIDE, an Aesop Fable”

Cry Havoc Excerpts from Chapter 2

“Yes, sir. Now is a great time. Thank you for asking. We have been working on the signal for hours. There was disbelief it was a Pilot Emergency Locator Beacon considering the great distances it was transmitting. They’re designed only to transmit up to 1600 kilometers. We have been tracking the signal since its strengthContinue reading “Cry Havoc Excerpts from Chapter 2”