The Disdain of Technology

When I was growing up there were no computers, cell phones or online games. My children however did benefit from early computers with floppy disks that were inserted into a drive that would produce what would be considered now limited results. My youngest Daughter, when she was learning her multiplication tables we purchased an AppleContinue reading “The Disdain of Technology”

Research UGH!

Research is like hitting your head with a hammer. The only redeeming quality is that once you stop hitting yourself you will feel better. Research has that same effect. When you stop, you will feel much, much better. In my sci-fi series. A Saga of Dogs of War-A Story of Mercenaries. I have outlined tenContinue reading “Research UGH!”


Friday the thirteenth, the number 13, Full Moons, blacks cats, and walking under ladders are all superstitions that have been observed over the centuries. While there is no statistical data to support any additional emergency room or emergency calls increasing during Friday the Thirteenth or Full Moons, the fear seems to still exist. To furtherContinue reading “Superstitions”

Breaking a Sweat at 20 below Zero.

All summer long on the farm we would bail hay, harvest corn and fill the silos so we can feed cattle all winter long. One morning myself and my brother Mark were feeding the cattle in my grandfather’s barn that could feed around 200 head of cattle. Each morning at 4:00 am we feed theContinue reading “Breaking a Sweat at 20 below Zero.”

Thank you for your support!

I would like to thank everyone that participated in my Free sci-fi eBook event “The Vendetta Against Vendetta”. I will be having many of these events in the coming months as we prepare to announce the prelaunch of my fourth book “One’s Evil Desire” in the series A Saga of Dogs of War-A story ofContinue reading “Thank you for your support!”


Today is the last day of my sci-fi eBook Give away of “The Vendetta Against Vendetta” on Amazon. Don’t miss out on this FREE science fiction thriller. Go to my Amazon Authors page with the link below and click on “The Vendetta Against Vendetta TODAY before the sale ends. Everyone can use a FREE eBook.Continue reading “LAST DAY!”

Don’t Let Them get YOU!

Poem by James Whitcom Riley, The Hoosier Poet They all climbed up on a high board-fenceNine little Goblins, with green-glass eyesNine little Goblins that had no sense,And couldn’t tell coppers from cold mince pies;And they all climbed up on the fence, and satAnd I asked them what they were staring at. And the first oneContinue reading “Don’t Let Them get YOU!”


As I was going up on a farm in Southern Indiana my Grandfather was always telling us stories of his childhood and young adult life. I would like to tell you of one such story. Farm work was from sunrise to sundown almost everyday during the spring and summer. But after harvest, things would slowContinue reading “Skunk!”

I need your HELP! Please!

I need your help to raise my eBook rankings on Amazon in the FREE BOOK RANKING category . My third eBook The Vendetta Against Vendetta is being offer for FREE on Amazon and You can even go to my Amazon author page for FREE and check out The Vendetta Against Vendetta TODAY at reading “I need your HELP! Please!”

FREE! What is Better than Free!

FREE is Better! The five day free sci-fi eBook event is ON! Get your free science fiction eBook “The Vendetta Against Vendetta” on Amazon. You can find it with this search on Amazon “The Vendetta Against Vendetta by M. Short”. OR you can find it on my Amazon Author Page at The science fictionContinue reading “FREE! What is Better than Free!”