The Preacher, Priest and the Rabi

Two old friends, a Baptist Preacher and a Priest, were go fishing. A Rabi in the nearby Synagogue saw the two preparing their boat for the trip. The Rabi came over and asked, “Would you have room for one more?” The priest and the preacher looked and each other and said, “Surely Rabi, you areContinue reading “The Preacher, Priest and the Rabi”

Time is Running OUT!

Pass the word! The Science Fiction eBook giveaway is almost gone. Today is the last day you can download “The Vendetta Against Vendetta” eBook for NOTHING, NADA, ZIPPO, ZERO CENTS. Don’t delay download it TODAY. It is a sci-fi eBook you will enjoy to read. Skeptical? Just read the review of The Vendetta Against VendettaContinue reading “Time is Running OUT!”