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SCI-FI Fantasy Author Kent Wayne Author of the SCI-FI Series Echo a great guy please vist his site as well.


Mystery Romance novelist Jill Shannon, Hunters- Treasure website: https://www.jill-shannon-author.com

Fiction novelist C.L. Charlesworth www.storieswithlegs.com 

Sarah Ann Burns Short Story blogger https://www.blogger.com/profile/01337418143601943723

Jessica Sims Author of Finding Home https://absoluteauthor.com/jessica-sims/

The Secret Diary of a Lockdown Mum https://thesecretdiaryofalockdownmum.com/

Science Fiction Author Mark Lusardi www.lusardibooks.com

sian Knowles blogger and book reviews quirkybookreads.wordpress.com/

David is the author of the sci-fi time traveling series of three books

Time Is, was fast paced and very easy to follow. There is a lot of description, with added scenes that are amusing.


There are some inspiration quotes are at beginning of each chapter, which I enjoyed reading. The quotes are from the characters and some from figures like William Shakespeare.

The character development in Time Is was good for both characters. Both characters prior military and use the same time frame. Don pretends not to understand things, giving Scott the opportunity to explain things.

I found Scott to be very narrow minded, but I understood why at the end.

I would recommend reading Time Is, as I liked the thought put in behind each different historical place. I look forward to reading the next book in the series, Time Is, Time Was.



Hello Science Fiction Readers. Today we will be introducing an author of a sci-fi short story by Kelsey Reich. Kelsey’s short story, Anthro Universe can be found at https://vocal.media/futurism/anthro-universe…. Her profile can be found at https://vocal.media/authors/kelsey-reich… and includes other short fiction such as The Wilds, The ARK and The Legend of Death. The stories are presented free of charge so you can return back for more of her tantalizing stories. You will enjoy her quirky plot twist and characters. Enjoy Anthro Universe.

Hello Science Fiction Readers. Today we are featuring an author of a book the borders on science fiction fantasy. The author Richard D. Kennett’s book “Beyond the ‘Kill” is narrated by a covered bridge, which is referred to by the locals as Kill. Todd Newman has a seemingly life-limiting learning disability. A born and bred Vermonter, he speaks differently than his neighbors. His words don’t flow, and he can be difficult to understand. These differences make him feel trapped and troubled, which makes him lash out. After being arrested for arson, Todd’s life begins to change. He returns home to his small New England town, where his actions tear at the community, even as neighbors struggle to understand. With help, Todd becomes the kind of person he always aspired to be. Told from the perspective of the covered bridge that spans the Battenkill River, Beyond the ‘Kill is the story of one young man struggling to overcome his personal challenges and the people that both hinder and help him. The events and townsfolk intermingle to teach a valuable life lesson you should not miss. We hope you enjoy Beyond the ‘Kill by Richard D. Kennett

Beyond the ‘Kill | Richard D. Kennett (beyondthekillfiction.com)

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