My next book

The fifth book in my sci-fi series, A Saga of Dogs of War-A Story of Mercenaries has its title Frontier Space Chronicles and its new cover design. Frontier Space Chronicles is now in editing and should be available for your entertainment before Christmas. Here is a small preview of the book.

Frontier Space Chronicles

Frontier Space Chronicles is the fifth book in the sci-fi series, A Saga of Dogs of War-A Story of Mercenaries.

In Frontier Space Chronicles we learn after the defeat of the Trajan and Cnut Empires, the formation of the United Nations consisting of the Confederation of Planets, and the Yana Tribe.

As the United Nations is forming on the old home world of the Cnut Empire, a plot is uncovered on Earth that affects two representatives to the House of Systems appointed by The Corporate Alliance and XTECH to undermine the Confederation of Planets by yet another unknow adversary, but is it limited to only Earth and the Confederation of planets?

As the effort to find the new adversary continued, the United Nations set their sights on the commissioning of 10 Explorer Class Starships to explore the unknown reaches of the Milky Way Galaxy. The Frontier Space Chronicles describes the stories of these Explorer Class Starship’s their discoveries, adversities, trials of deep space exploration and to the ultimate discovery of the origins of Earth’s and the Kapacarian’s civilizations.

Who is the new adversary of the Confederation of Planets and ultimately the United Nations? Who was assassinated because of that adversarial confrontation? Is the Navi Nation still an enemy? What laid ahead in the exploration of the Milky Way? Who was murdered exploring the Galaxy? What led to the discoveries revealing Earth’s and Kapacarian’s origins of their civilizations?

The answer to all these questions can be found in “Frontier Space Chronicles”.

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