Excerpt for my new book Escape from the Mamluk Empire

As they continued their hunting trips, the stags moved lower onto the plains below the cave entrance. This morning, fresh snow had fallen the night before. “The Stags will move today to find other sources of food. Let’s hope today will be a good day of hunting.” said Christopher. As they set out for aContinue reading “Excerpt for my new book Escape from the Mamluk Empire”

Is Kindness Lost?

In this new culture we find ourselves, I wonder, is kindness lost? The pressing thought for everyone to me seems they’re trying to play a victim. “Your words offend me.”Is all one will say with no explanation how or why they’re offended. If someone speaks their views on a subject, another will try to cancelContinue reading “Is Kindness Lost?”

A Mother’s Love is Blind!

Have you ever heard the adage, “A Mother’s Love is blind?” In those five words lies the true meaning of love. No matter the actions they commit, the disability they have or the physical scars of life they bear, a mother’s love to stay true. Mothers hold a very special place in the hearts ofContinue reading “A Mother’s Love is Blind!”

Bending to the Wind?

One of Aesop’s fables I really enjoy is the one about the Oak and the Reeds. This fable address how a stubborn and closed mind can lead to ruin. In this analogy, stubbornness is the oak standing tall, never wavering for its views. Here the reed represents open mindedness and a powerful belief system thatContinue reading “Bending to the Wind?”


I’ve been receiving many inquiries about having guest bloggers or if individuals to could contribute to this blog. When I try to answer them their email comes back as undeliverable. While I would welcome such input to the blog site if you want me to answer your questions I need a valid email to returnContinue reading “Questions?”

Too Steamy for SCI-FI

Again that night, after tucking Bud and Claudia into bed Sylvia brought a bottle of wine and two glasses to the couch in the front room and poured each a glass. As Sylvia snuggled close to Christopher, “We can only do this for a little while.” “Am I not playing my cards right?” “Your cardContinue reading “Too Steamy for SCI-FI”

Sin or Hate.

I heard a person yesterday say she hated her daughter for living with a guy before they married. I didn’t interject myself into the conversation, however I wondered, did she hate her daughter or did she hate the sin she perceived her daughter was taking part? In the bible it is said to hate theContinue reading “Sin or Hate.”