Remembering When

Christopher returned to his quarters on the Battle Starship, placing his helmet, as he had for years, on the end table by the door. His creator granted him yet another day, but his thoughts were with the three enemy space fighters, whose lives he ended today defending his Battle Starship. Taking a shower and eating his dinner from a food replicator, he laid exhausted on his bed. Soon he drifted off into another night of what would be a restless night. A night much like the nights for the previous 1,000 nights since his assignment to his Battle Starship.

As Christopher drifted off into his slumber, he dreamed of his childhood and his home world in the Mamluk Empire. He and his parents lived on a knoll just outside the city of Maydan. He remembered when as a youth, after a long day of playing with his friends, he would sit on the front porch of his home before dinner looking down at the city and then looking up at the massive Battle Starships in a low orbit as they prepared for their attacks on other worlds to gather more soldiers.

Christopher’s father was one such solider slave. Collected by the Mamluk 80 years ago and trained to serve the Mamluk Empire at sixteen. As the offspring of the Mamluk Empire, he being free as his father now and loyal to the Empire, trained him in the art of war. Christopher as he became of age tested and admitted to the Star Fighter Academy. After three years in the academy training to take his place among the stars, his first assignment, a small Battle Group collecting soldiers from various less developed planets.

As he proved himself as an excellent Star Fighter Pilot, they moved him to the Battle Group he now serves. Unlike the first Battle Group, its mission was eliminating more advanced planets considered a threat to the Empire.

Dreaming of his childhood soon gave way to the many opponents he had confronted over his years of war. Seeing the fighters, he destroyed as they break apart from his weapons fire in the vacuum of space. The screaming over the Battle Channel as his follow Star Fighter Pilot’s fighter as it breaks up from enemy fire, their prayers unanswered.

Christopher woke up startled in a cold sweet. He reached into his nightstand, retrieving a bottle of relief. Swallowing two tablets he laid down waiting for the medication to work. As he laid on his back he thought, “If only I could be a child again.”

Published by M.Short

As a 19 year old CW2 helicopter combat pilot, M. Short served as an aircraft commander being awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, Bronze Star and eleven Combat Air Medals while serving the U.S. Army in the Vietnam war. His passion for Science Fiction and his experiences in combat as a pilot gave him his inspiration for the series -A Saga of Dogs of War. A Mercenaries Story. His series starts in 2235 after the Earth starts to heal from a cataclysmic event. The series follows the lives and experiences of one mercenary clan as they reclaim the Earth for their corporate sponsor, XTECH.

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