Dark Space

Christopher having a restless night rose from his bed looking at his clock on the nightstand glaring 0400 hours. He thought to himself, “This is going to be a long day. I should try to get more rest.”

While the argument raged in his head, to rest or not to rest, the not to rest side won in short order. He rose from his bed toward the sonic shower to try and wash away the thoughts that haunted him last night. He emerged from the shower slightly refreshed, being able to gather his dreams and lock them away in his emotional box once again.

As he put on his flight suit artillery rounds were firing at targets on the surface of Planet 623. During the shelling he grabbed a bowl of his favorite cereal, drenched it in something that looked and tasted like milk.

As he sat there eating his cereal the shelling grew in its intensity. Under his breath, “I guess I need to wrap this up they will be here soon.”

He grabbed his helmet from the table next to his quarters’ door and exited his room, walking toward the Star Fighter hangar.

Now, in his Star Fighter, helmet on, canopy closed, he prepared for launch. Then the light in front of his Star Fighter illuminated, after which hurled him into the dark space to protect his Battle Starship from hostile Space Fighters. Another day of cheating death set before him. As he engaged the enemy Space Fighters he prayed the same prayer he had prayed for the past three years, “Lord get me out of this alive one more time”.

Published by M.Short

As a 19 year old CW2 helicopter combat pilot, M. Short served as an aircraft commander being awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, Bronze Star and eleven Combat Air Medals while serving the U.S. Army in the Vietnam war. His passion for Science Fiction and his experiences in combat as a pilot gave him his inspiration for the series -A Saga of Dogs of War. A Mercenaries Story. His series starts in 2235 after the Earth starts to heal from a cataclysmic event. The series follows the lives and experiences of one mercenary clan as they reclaim the Earth for their corporate sponsor, XTECH.

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