Friday the thirteenth, the number 13, Full Moons, blacks cats, and walking under ladders are all superstitions that have been observed over the centuries.

While there is no statistical data to support any additional emergency room or emergency calls increasing during Friday the Thirteenth or Full Moons, the fear seems to still exist. To further the fear factor there are many building that do not have a thirteenth floor. Think of this, a month consist of four weeks (28 days) and if there are 365 days in a year why don’t we 13 months in a year. Why do we only have twelve? Superstition perhaps?

Superstitions or Science Fiction, each are based in some truth. What bases your superstitions in truth.”

I am interested in hearing your superstitions and the truth they are based in. Leave me a comment. Remember, what is said in the comments stays in the comments.

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Published by M.Short

As a 19 year old CW2 helicopter combat pilot, M. Short served as an aircraft commander being awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, Bronze Star and eleven Combat Air Medals while serving the U.S. Army in the Vietnam war. His passion for Science Fiction and his experiences in combat as a pilot gave him his inspiration for the series -A Saga of Dogs of War. A Mercenaries Story. His series starts in 2235 after the Earth starts to heal from a cataclysmic event. The series follows the lives and experiences of one mercenary clan as they reclaim the Earth for their corporate sponsor, XTECH.

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